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Why your skin care isn’t working

You’ve tried tons of products, done your research, and spent a small fortune to make your skin look great, but nothing works! What are you doing wrong? Check our list of skin care mistakes that might be preventing your skin from reaching its full potential:

    1. You believe marketing hype: A skin cream that makes you look ten years younger? Reverse aging? Botox alternative? Highly unlikely… Skin care companies will spend millions to convince women that their product is a must have while most of them over promise and under deliver. Bottom line: pick products that are best for your skin type, incorporate a retinoid (medical grade products like Obagi are best) for anti-aging, and use a sunscreen daily to prevent damage. Talk to dermatologist or skin care professional to customize a skin program & don’t believe everything you read!
    2. You don’t apply products appropriately: If you’re using a retinoid treatment, put that on first, let it soak into your skin for about ten minutes (some are different- read the label), then apply your moisturizer. Combining products all together can decrease their effectiveness. Also, combining too many harsh treatment products can cause major irritation and sensitivity.
    3. You don’t wear a daily SPF: You’ve been using your fancy new product that promises to get rid of those pesky sunspots, but after months, you’ve seen no improvement. If you’re not wearing sunscreen everyday to prevent future damage, you’re working against your product. Blocking the suns damaging rays is the first step. After that, you can start damage control from the years of trying to achieve the perfect face tan.
    4. You don’t drink enough water or get enough sleep: It’s not your product…It’s your lifestyle! Water is essential to hydrating the skin from the inside. If your body is dehydrated, skin care won’t be much help. Skimping on sleep can also wreak havoc on skin by preventing skin turnover and blood flow to the face. Drink up and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
    5. You use too many products: You might be overwhelmed by all of the skin care choices on the market (“This can do what?! I need it!”), but that doesn’t mean you use all of them at once. Face wash, cleansing brush, scrub, toner, serum, retinoid, moisturizer, sunscreen, BB cream, anti-aging foundation, anti-aging powder… whew! Not only will you be broke, but your skin will be begging for mercy! Keep it simple: clean your face with an appropriate cleanser, scrubs and toners should be used sparingly (2-3 times a week), apply a treatment-oriented product if needed (your retinoid or acne treatment-usually at night), and a good moisturizer with a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF.

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