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Winter Skin Care

Winter is definitely here with cold temperatures, rain and even snow in some parts of the country.  The colder climates also bring about big changes in skin that call for a winter skin care regimen.  It would be nice to only have to stick to one skin care regimen during the year, but just as we have to switch our wardrobe for the colder weather, we must also change our skin care.

Winter skin care essentials will include rich moisturizers with powerful hydrating ingredients, as well as sunscreen, which of course should be worn year-round.  In addition to using more moisturizer, people will notice that products containing retinol, tretinoin, or other Vitamin A derivatives, as well as exfoliating agents (AHA’s like glycolic acid and BHA’s like salicylic acid), will be more sensitizing to the skin.  Some may have to cut back on the amount of active products they use during the cold months, while others may tweak their routines to be able to continue to use strong products like retinol and exfoliants.  A great tip is to apply moisturizer prior to products with retinol in order to cut back on irritation.  It is best to wait several minutes after applying moisturizer to apply retinol to ensure absorption.

If you are considering having skin rejuvenating cosmetic procedures such as lasers or chemical peels, make sure you have the appropriate at home products for after care.  Many medical grade skin care lines offer “post procedure” products that are ideal for use following lasers or peels as they cut back on downtime, enhance results, and soothe the skin.  I am an advocate of potent antioxidant serums that are designed to protect the skin from free radical damage.  When patients use specific post-procedure products immediately following lasers or chemical peels and thereafter, their results are guaranteed to be better than if they used no products at all.  First, after a strong procedure, products are able to penetrate much deeper as the “barrier” is lessened.  This allows the products to truly work their magic on “new” skin.  Skin health is increased and results are enhanced by fusing the active ingredients deep into the pores.  Most post-procedure skin care also comes with soothing moisturizers that work to alleviate irritation caused by treatment.  These are wonderful any time of year, but especially in the cold when skin is already sensitive and dry.

It is important to consult with an experienced skin care professional on winter skin care products and procedures  to ensure the appropriate regimen is selected for unique needs.  Some products claim to be safe post-procedure, but may turn out to be irritating to the skin, which can cause damage when the skin is in a sensitized state.  As well, products may have interactions depending on ingredients, and some patients may have sensitivities and allergies to certain ingredients.  If you need help putting together a winter skin care product or treatment protocol, consult with the experts at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery to make sure you are fully covered this winter.

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