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You Can Have an Unwanted Birthmark Removed by a Plastic Surgeon

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While some people embrace their birthmarks for their unique beauty, others wish they could have them removed. Birthmark removal is, therefore, a widespread cosmetic procedure.

While most birthmarks remain small and unobtrusive throughout a person’s life, others may become more noticeable as they age and eventually cause distress. Many people become self-conscious about noticeable birthmarks and prefer to have them removed.

There are various cosmetic procedures available that can reliably remove a birthmark. Using a targeted laser system is one of the most effective methods.

Is There More Than One Kind of Birthmark?

There are a few kinds of birthmarks, some of which are considerably more apparent than others. The most prevalent are pigmentation marks, such as coffee cream spots, Mongolian spots or moles. Pigmented spots on the skin have the potential to grow extremely large and, depending on their color, can be emotionally distressing.

Other kinds include macular stains, which are very mild, tiny areas of discoloration and salmon patches, which are most typically found on the top eyelids and the back of the neck of infants. Also, vascular malformations, which occur when blood vessels form improperly, mostly occur during gestation or early childhood.

Port wine stains, which can appear everywhere on the body, are another prevalent kind of skin discoloration. All of these and more can be removed by the advanced laser technology used at Kalos Plastic Surgery.

Laser Birthmark Treatment Benefits

Advanced laser technology is highly effective at removing birthmarks. As a result, you can expect a 70–90% shade reduction. However, you may need to repeat the laser treatment every one to three months, depending on the birthmark, until you achieve your desired result.

It is a non-invasive procedure, meaning no cutting or stitching will be involved. In addition, there is minimal pain during the process and a short recovery time.

What to Anticipate After a Laser Treatment

After treatment, the target area might be red or pink for up to eight hours. In some cases, patients report mild stinging pain in the treated area, akin to what they might experience with a mild sunburn. This sensation normally goes away within six hours. You can alleviate the discomfort by applying an ice pack or moistened towel.

Swelling in the treated area is often mild and gradually decreases, taking only a few days to subside. Treatment results may not be fully apparent for a few weeks.

We encourage you to find out more about the laser treatment offered at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery if you wish to have a birthmark removed. Get in touch with our Atlanta, Georgia, office today to speak with a specialist or set up an appointment.

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