A Solution for Frown Lines

Coke or Pepsi? Kleenex or Tissue? Botox or Dysport? Wait, what?!? Botox has become almost indistinguishable as a specific product name rather than something someone has done. Many people simply use the word “Botox” as a general reference to having any type of injections made into their face. However, there are many different types and … Read More

Gisele Bündchen’s Perfected Face

Super model and wife to four-time super bowl champion Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen has never been one to shy away from the camera. Pictures abound on the Internet from when this super model started her amazing career at just fourteen years of age. These pictures tell a story that Ms. Bündchen does not willingly admit: … Read More

Laser Acne Treatments

Many people say that aging skin’s best friend is a dermatologist. However, at Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery we also believe that having a reputable plastic surgeon on your BFF list can’t hurt. Laser therapy has been used for years to correct many skin conditions that plague adolescents and adults: acne being one of them. Medical … Read More

Celebrities and Birthmarks

Celebrities most likely reached their celebrity statuses for their talents and/or their good looks. However, even the most beautiful and easily recognizable celebs have birthmarks. While most of Hollywood’s hottest stars cover up their birthmarks (or other strange anomalies – anyone ever seen Jennifer Garner’s pinky toe??), some celebrities’ birthmarks are most noticeable than others. … Read More

Hemangioma Treatment

Hemangiomas are benign blood vessel tumors that occur in childhood. Typically, parents will begin to see evidence of their appearance within the first few weeks of a child’s life. They first appear as a faint red or pink blemish that rapidly grows into a larger mass. Many parents are distressed by the appearance of hemangiomas. … Read More

The Plastic Face of Burt Reynolds

While those who wish to enhance or change the appearance of certain features choose plastic surgery, the results should not look plastic. Apparently, Burt Reynolds missed this message. At 78, the man that many grew up loving as a “man’s man” is now anything but. While it is understandable that men in Hollywood feel many … Read More


Otoplasty, also known as ear reduction surgery, is defined as the correction of protruding or prominent ears. Children and adults are both candidates for otoplasty to correct birth defects, injuries, and ears that are overly large or extrude from the sides of the head. While many females are able to hide their ears by covering … Read More

Cher’s Reversing Age Appearance

Few celebrities can get by for decades by just going by their first names. However, Cher has been exploding through pop charts for decades with her first name, vocals, and ever-youthful appearance. At almost 70 years old, Cher looks younger than almost anyone of the same age. Cher has admitted to having plastic surgery and … Read More

Vampire Facelift

Dr. Benjamin C. Stong is a Fellowship trained dual board certified plastic surgeon that dedicates his time away from patients for staying abreast of the latest and most advanced facial rejuvenating procedures. The Vampire Facelift is one of the latest non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures to be offered by the most well trained and highest respected … Read More

John Stamos – Aging Gracefully, or With a Little Help?

For millions of us, John Stamos will always be Uncle Jesse from Full House. His sense of humor and stellar good looks earned him high popularity among his fans, and his continued good looks leave fans wondering how he is maintaining his appearance. At 51 years old, John Stamos seems to get better looking without … Read More

Male Plastic Surgery

Twenty years ago plastic surgery was typically something only “vain women” dabbled with. Today, however, plastic surgery is for many people who wish to enhance their appearance or take years off of their face – including men. Men want to look refreshed and young just like women do. Watching themselves age before the mirror can … Read More

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