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What You Need to Know Before Laser Facial Treatments

Laser Hair Removal Atlanta GA

Laser treatment is a remarkable option for several facial corrections. It is non-invasive and improves problems like wrinkles, acne scarring and removing birthmarks. Here are a few things you should know before choosing laser facial treatments. What Are Laser Treatments? Laser treatments are non-invasive treatments using a focused light tuned to specific wavelengths that can…

3 Ways to Optimize Chemical Peel Results

Facial Procedures

If you want to level up your skin care, chemical peels can address and reduce a variety of concerns you have with your facial appearance. These treatments can remove damaged skin and promote healthy growth of tissue for a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. Here are three ways to optimize the results from your chemical…

Is Weight Loss Affecting Your Face?

Facial Procedures Atlanta GA

Losing those extra pounds is a healthy goal worth achieving. Getting leaner can help boost your energy level, enhance your overall appearance, correct certain health issues and add years to your life. It can also leave you with sagging facial skin and a neck that leaves a lot to be desired. When weight loss affects…

How To Get The Cheek Dimples You’ve Always Wanted

Smiling Face Atlanta GA

Do other people’s adorable dimples make you jealous?  Are you upset that you weren’t blessed with the appealing “dimple gene”? Don’t worry, in Atlanta, GA there’s a way that you can get the beautiful cheek dimples that you’ve always wanted. What is a Dimple? A natural dimple is caused by a tiny opening in the…

Treatment for Facial Cysts

Doctor Diagnosis Atlanta GA

Seeing a lump of tissue develop on your face can be a scary thing. Not knowing what caused it can leave you to suspect the worst. The truth is that tumor-looking cysts on the skin are fairly common. There are typically two different kinds of skin bumps (cysts); fortunately, these growths are rarely cancerous and…

Facial Liposuction: The Before and After

korean woman smiling after facial liposuction atlanta ga

As you age, excess fat around the neck gets loose and droopy. This may lead you to look for ways to improve your appearance. Facial liposuction is a great solution. During this procedure, we will make a very small incision either under the chin or around the earlobe. Then a vacuum-like device will suck the…

Go Ahead and Smile!

Woman with Smile Lines Atlanta GA

Have you seen the pictures of the woman who won’t smile? For forty years, her pictures have all shown her with a slightly upturned mouth, but no real smile. Even events that should cause a giant grin for everyone, like the birth of a child, were received without even a hint of a smile. Her…

Three Reasons to Visit The K-Spa!

Woman Rubbing Her Neck Atlanta GA

Medical Spas have popped up everywhere, but they aren’t all the same! The K Spa tops them all. Whether you want a facial treatment, hair removal, or injectables, the professionals at the K Spa will make you look and feel more beautiful. The top three reasons people choose the K Spa? Benefits like: Quality: Time…

Three Tips for Wrinkle Prevention

woman taking care of her skin in front of the mirror

Are you starting to see fine lines and creases as you look in the mirror? Wrinkles come to most people as they age. The skin loses elasticity and fat, allowing the muscles to carve lines along their regular paths. But there are ways to prevent wrinkles leaving their mark, and even methods to smooth them…

Freshen Your Face Without Surgery or Injections

woman during a massage

The holidays are past, with all the extra eating, drinking, and late nights. Everyone is ready to take a break from the heavy routines with lighter meals, exercise, and new self-care routines. One of the best things you can do for your skin is to treat yourself to a facial. At The K-Spa, we offer…

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