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You Can Have an Unwanted Birthmark Removed by a Plastic Surgeon

Cosmetic Procedures Atlanta GA

While some people embrace their birthmarks for their unique beauty, others wish they could have them removed. Birthmark removal is, therefore, a widespread cosmetic procedure. While most birthmarks remain small and unobtrusive throughout a person’s life, others may become more noticeable as they age and eventually cause distress. Many people become self-conscious about noticeable birthmarks…

“What’s That On Your Face?”

You remember it always. The first time someone said to you, “There’s something on your face.” Maybe it was a kid you went to school with, and you ended up never liking him after that. Maybe it was your child who put her chubby finger on it and asked if your face was dirty. “No,…

Birthmark Correction

Most people of every race, color, and ethnic background are born with a birthmark somewhere on the body. Birthmarks usually manifest at birth, but they have been known to appear up until the age of ten. Birthmarks are pigmented lesions that vary in color, size, and texture. For many, these spots are in an inconspicuous…

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